What type of hair is used?

Our hair is 100% Human Hair. We source from Bekaski Regency,Indonesia and Guangzhou,China.

What is the turnaround for Ready-to-ship Units? 

Ready-to-ship Units will be proccesed and mailed out in 2-5 business days.

What is the turnaround for Custom Units?

Custom units will be processed in 15-21 business days (we try our best to get units out as quick as possible) and shipping is 2-3 business days.

What is the turnaround for accessories?

Accessories will be processed and mailed out in 2-5 business days.

What is the turnaround for bundles?

Bundles will be proccessed and mailed out in 5-7 business days.

How should i wear my hair under the Unit?

To ensure the most flat and natural unit application, your hair should be cornrowed. For lace closure wigs, we recommend parting your hair where you would like the part on the closure to lay down. For frontal wigs, small straight back cornrows with the ends sewn up and flat is recommended.

How long does the Units last?

Our units last 1-3 years with proper care, could last much longer with lace replacement. No swimming, minimal sleeping in the unit. Customer care instructions comes with each purchace.

What products do you recommend to use on the Unit?

For shampoo and conditioner we recommend Pai-Shau, any sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will work. KeraCare Wax stick for molding , Aussie miracle curls leave-in detanglink milk for our curly units.

Do Units come with customized hair lines?

All units include light customized hair lines, some units come with baby hair.

Can i sew down my unit?

Yes you can but it may compromise the unit if not done properly.

Can the Unit be bleached or colored?

Yes! Bleaching and color should be done by a professional.

Do you cut the lace before shipping?

No lace is cut before shipping. You will recieve your unit with the lace intact. 

What is Raw hair?

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair that is collected from one donor. It has never been chemically processed or had any heat applied to it. Raw hair comes in its natural state. This is the highest quality on the market. Raw hair is very natural looking and blends very well with your own hair. The bundles are fuller and can last up to 5 years with proper care.

What is Virgin hair?

Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, which is collected from a single donor. The virgin hair has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. All the cuticles are intact and moving in the same direction. The hair  pattern is steamed to achieve the desired look.